motherdaughterRaising confident, happy, and successful children is something we all strive for. When parents are not living in the same house but sharing custody of there children it is important to give the kids a strong front. We want to be able to have consistent rules at each house so they know what is expected and what is expected from them. By showing the children that they are the most important thing and that the parents are willing to put aside their differences to focus on what is best for there children you will be able to teach them to solve similar problems peacefully. Children have more confidence and higher self-esteem when they can feel the support and love from both parents.

To help make the transitions easier you should remind the kids a day or two ahead of time that they will be going to spend time with the other parent. You want to make it as matter of fact and business like as you can so the kids don’t think they can play on your guilt in order to not go with other parent. When they arrive back at home you will want to give them space and time to readjust. You should try and set aside some special time for one on one time with them to talk, read a book, or play a game.


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