Connecting with Your Daughter

“Connecting With Your Daughter”

I Don’t Want to Go Another minute making my life and work more important than my daughter.

If you’re like most moms you’re looking for easy and fun ways to strengthen your relationship with your daughter and remind her how important she is.


Start a Tradition and Create Memories

Tasha and her daughter connecting in Hawaii.


Hi!  My name is Tasha Chen and I want to share with you a powerful new resource that can change the lives for you and your daughter.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or  working professional my new e-book ”How “Connecting With Your Daughter”  will give you techniques on strengthening that bond and create lifetime memories.


This e-book offers 10 years of my insight and knowledge for creating mother and daughter experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

In a minute I’m going to share my secrets on creating the mother and daughter relationship of your dreams, but first how about asking yourself if you ever feel like you're selling out on your daughter.

If you're like most moms , you have probably wondered what a great mother and daughter bond feels like, but have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:

  • I don’t have the time to make that connection
  • I have nothing to talk with her about
  • I don’t know where to begin
  • She doesn’t want to spend time with me
  • Am I a good mom?

If you haven’t taken the plunge, don’t worry, its not your fault. You may be surrounded by others who make you feel like there is no help and don’t have the desire to have a great relationship like you do.

Yes, I know those bullet points above are very real concerns. But I have the simple answers derived from years of experience that can turn any mother and daughter relationship into one that others would want to imitate.

And once you the know the insider secrets into creating the mother and daughter relationship of your dreams, the connection you are looking for will begin.

"After implementing the suggestions in this book, I feel like I finally know how to show my 15 year old that I will always be here for her." - Diane B.

This brand new e-book will give you 10 years of expertise and if you act immediately I’ll throw in some useful bonuses listed below.

The tips in this e-book will give you valuable insights into:

  • How to Show Your Daughter that you love her in a unique way… Time with your daughter to bond gives you the BEST opportunity in a relatively short time to fill every moment loving her.
  • How to really connect in a meaningful way… A weekend get-a-way is usually ideal, giving you and your daughter just enough time to explore what alone time could feel like.
  • Make Memories…. Your time together will be cherished by both of you, the deep emotional connections and ---believe it or not even the awkward moments will all make for memories of how you bonded and shared special time together.

You’ll also get some tips on :

  • Conversations… Imagine the two of you just talking, laughing during silly conversations, sharing secrets, chatting about all the frivolous stuff that’s of interest to her.
  • How to build your daughters confidence… By allowing her to be herself and affirming her great qualities.
  • Connecting with your daughter…. How do we connect and strengthen your bond so she will know how strong your love is.



If you move fast you can have the knowledge that made my connection with my daughter the kind that other mothers dream about for only $14.99

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If you buy the book and don't think its any good (I can't imagine that), but if you do, simply request a refund and we'll promptly refund your money.

That’s right. This is a small investment into your relationship AND keep in mind it took me over 20 years to figure out, so that you don’t have to. I just want you to go and start making that connection with your daughter.

And let me sweeten the deal just a little more. Because I am truly invested in you having the best relationship that you can with your daughter, I am going to provide these valuable bonus add-ons from my own personal experiences to make sure you have everything you need.

BONUS 1My 5 great and easy ways to start connecting with your daughter today. This information is responsible for the connection I have with my daughter that you can start using today. (a $25.00 value)

Start a Tradition and Create Memories

You and your daughter having a great time on vacation.

BONUS 2- My 7 trips of a lifetime list every mother and daughter should take. This document goes into the details of finding things to do on a mother-daughter trip, along with the connections we made (with all the years of research, and trips we tried to figure out the perfect places its worth at least $120.00 a copy).

BONUS 3THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME AND UNIQUE BONUSES YOU WILL EVER SEE AND IT’S ONLY AVAILABLE AS PART OF THIS BOOK OFFER. If you’re a mother, you should buy my new book just for this bonus.— Click on "play now" below to play this 30 second audio...

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"I loved the simple tips that Connecting with Your Daughter provided me to start giving my 11 year old the time she deserves with just Mom." - Karen B.

PLUS, PLUS, PLUS – I am giving you access to me, my expert knowledge and my library of trips to assist you in planning the perfect trip for you and your daughter.


Take full advantage of my many successful years as a loving mother with my new “Connecting With Your Daughter” E-book!

P.S. Your mother and daughter relationship, just like any other, will have its ups and downs. You need this information more than ever to take your relationship to the highest level, no matter what your connection is today.


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