Daughter Keeps Mom in Check on Quality Time

How do you commit to spending quality time with your daughter?
Answer: You let HER hold you accountable.
To resolve the guilt I felt from not spending enough one on one time with my daughter, I committed to doing one thing every month that would give us quality mother and daughter time and help us create special memories.  To ensure I stuck to this, I made a verbal commitment to my daughter and she NEVER lets me forget it. We call it our Mother and Daughter date nights!  It could be 6PM on the 31st of the month I can count on her to remind me we haven’t spent our much needed time together.
She’s growing up so fast! You think as you glance over at your daughter. Where did the baby years ago? You may barely recall her toddler years, or have the slightest memory of her as a pre-teen. Next you wonder, is it too late? Can I still make good on all the plans I had, all the memories I wanted to create with her, give her all the life advice I had hoped to share?
The truth is whether she’s turning 5, 10 or 25, the rapid passing of time leaves us as moms feeling like we want more. More opportunities to create as many special lasting memories we as can with our daughters. We want our legacy to be a daughter filled with memories of moments we created together.  It comes from the deep desire we have to be her mom first but her friend for life.  I bonded so deeply with my daughter once whilst sharing coffee and cookies at Starbuks!  It was then at 11, she warmed my heart by confiding in me the super secret sagas of middle school drama! I know she treasures our time together and once a week, once a month once a year even …our mother and daughter time will never grow old.
NOW, is always the perfect time to make your daughter feel special! So go ahead, grab your phone and send a text or leave a voicemail, shoot her an email, post on her Facebook wall, or simply yell across the room “Daughter, I want you to know I love you!”
Tasha Chen is Chief Memory Maker at Mother and Daughter Trips

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