How to Create a Mother Daughter Legacy

Are you a busy mother struggling to become the IDEAL MOM?  Do you ever feel less than perfect because you haven’t made quality time with your daughter? 7 years ago, so was I.  Quality me with my daughter was shackled by the life of an ambitious mom-trepeneur, carpooling a 5 year old, birthing a baby, and opening yet another retail store! Rest was a luxury, and quality time to build a solid mother and daughter relationship never made it on my weekly agenda.

Can you relate? Maybe you feel filled with regret over the memories of the mother you once thought you would be? Its as if time robbed you of all plans and good intentions you had to make quality time investing in a relationship with your child.  Now you are probably wondering where your baby went and do you still have time to contribute to the woman she will become. Like me, do you want to get back on track but wondering “how do I bond with my daughter?”

The good news is that it’s EASY! Just decide quality time with her will be your legacy. It will be to be  4 uninterrupted hours a day! Truthfully it could be as simple as the first 4 minutes after your arrive home from work daily. Give her those 4 minutes as your legacy. In four minutes you could start a tradition and build amazing memories. She could remember her excitement to tell you of her first kiss one evening during that time. Her memory could be how even while you were evidently tired from the day’s work, you gave her the 4 minutes and she KNEW—it was her time and your legacy to her.

So how do you create your own legacy? Be realistic about the amount of time are you able to commit to your daughter per day or week or month? Next consider, what would you like to accomplish during that time? Will it be a weekly date night, a monthly activity your do, Sunday morning walks on the beach, or 5 minutes at night in the same room.  Are you willing to start the legacy today and be an example for your daughter of living a balanced loving life?

For me, I turned Christmas gifts into my legacy! I used the “gifts” money instead for an annual mother and daughter get-a-way. Some years it’s elaborate, others its just overnight….always it will be my legacy and wonderful memories of mother and daughter time for my child.

NOW, is always the perfect time to make your daughter feel special! So go ahead, grab your phone and send a text or leave a voicemail, shoot her an email, post on her Facebook wall, or simply yell across the room “Daughter, I want you to know I love you!


Tasha Chen is Chief Memory Maker at Mother and Daughter Trips

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