Mending the Mother and Daughter Relationship

Smiling daughter with her motherReally, Mom!!! Through the years, moms often hear that phrase.  Mother and daughter relationships experience many changes over the years. There are plenty of happy and exciting times but occasionally there is a sprinkle of stressful and trying times too. 
There may even be points where the relationship is much more tumultuous for both of you to handle.   Sometimes you may need a break from each other for a while.  The more chaotic and tension filled the relationship becomes, a welcome space apart often does help.  Time softens the hard feelings, but more often than not,  an opening of the heart is essential. 
Sometimes all it takes is for one to reach out to the other,  willing to be vulnerable, open up and make a new starting point.  It is important for this special relationship to be mended.
A mother and daughter relationship is one that should be treasured. More often than not, people are amazed of the great things that come from it including laughter, memories and a real friendship.
Mending the relationship may be quick or it may take some time and patience.  Developing a strong bond is worth the effort.  Once you achieve an understanding of each other, you can continue to grow and build upon it. 
Spending more time together, sharing good memories and stories helps the process.  As you learn more about each other as women and as friends, time together becomes so valuable. 
Going away together might be the final step in mending your relationship. A time where each of you can enjoy relaxed surroundings, quieted minds and find peace with yourself and each other.   The new memories you can make together on a getaway will last a lifetime.  A good mother and daughter relationship is a gift worth sharing. 
The next time she says, “Really? Mom!”, let it be from the excitement she feels towards you. Make it fun.

Tasha Chen

Tasha Chen is Chief Memory Maker at Mother and Daughter Trips and author of “Connecting with your Daughter”.   Tasha became inspired to help busy Mom’s after realizing how her hectic lifestyle was affecting the ideal relationship she longed for with her daughter.  Mother and Daughter Trips help moms create memories, share experiences and develop a deeper relationship with their daughters.
Mother and Daughter Trips

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