Raising Kids

iStock_000002276919SmallIf your like me, you probably feel like raising kids is a lot more challenging then when we first thought of having a family.  Having a teenage daughter has made me question myself many times  if I am doing something wrong in raising a confident, successful, happy daughter.  From the mood swings to her just not wanting to open up I have many  days I feel very frustrated.   So as you are having these moments I want you to know you are not alone and that the best suggestion I have is to give your child the space they need to work on making themselves feel better.  The best tool we can offer our children is for them to learn to make themselves feel better and not interfere with finding there way to happiness.  By taking the time when you feel frustrated and using it to work on yourself  you can show your child/teenager that her behavior doesn’t change how much you love them and that we are all have the tools to make ourselves feel better.

When your child learns how to find things that make her feel better on her own by giving her suggestions on what you use yourself (ex. take a walk, read a book, take a shower,write in a journal, take a nap).   You will be setting her up for a lifetime of happiness and peace that she will be able to have control over.  By sharing with her that others can’t take away her  happiness she will learn to regulate her own happiness and raise her confidence in herself and won’t be looking for outside influences to make her feel better.

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