Surviving the Teenage Years

Between going through puberty and the emotional roller coaster,  parents seem to take most of the abuse during the teen years.    Most kids show  signs of adolescence by showing a dramatic change in behavior around there  parents.

The teenage years are when they will begin to be much more concerned with peer pressure and fitting in with their  friends.  The most common disruption  is the conflict with us parents and they usually are the worst to the one parent they feel the closest too.   As a parent of a teen I find it best to give them the space they need and try not to put too many demands on them.  They are going through a lot of growth during these years and trying to form there on sense of independence.  Try to give them some extra freedom as they start to show some new styles and tastes.  You will want to pick your battles and not make every situation an argument.  The teen wants to feel like we trust there decision so as long as we can continue to have some clear rules for them to follow while helping them grow into young adults we will begin to see our efforts  pay off and your relationship will begin to improve.  The best advice is to continue to read and educate yourself on ways to prepare for the years ahead.


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